Booking Rates:

              At BGE we strive to grant the artist a guarantee every night by the venue for their performance.

Guarantee Fee:

We take 15% of every guarantee we acquire for you that is over 100$

ex) If you are granted 300$ for the night. We then take 15% of 300. Which is 45$

             For some nights, determining on the venue’s pay out policy, this is simply not a possibility as a lot of venues like to provide artists a percentage of the door at the end of the night. That is why we charge a flat fee by confirming the night with a venue   (10$), additionally, arranging  local support for that night  (5$) if need be.

Flat Booking Fees

10$  per door split confirmation if no guarantee

15$ per door split confirmation w/ local support if no guarantee

 Promotional Rates:

Exposure is guaranteed. Your music will have a much better chance of reaching to fans who not only want to support you as an artist but give you an opportunity and provide you a demand to play outside or within your local community. Having a better online presence will increase your ability to acquire a higher guarantee when performing from venue to venue, requesting airplay for radio stations, and increasing your chance for a musical license synchronization.

Twitter / Soundcloud / Youtube Promos

20$ a month per social site platform.

Personalized Email Campaigns

100$ per month for email campaigns reaching to over tens of thousands of people each month that listen and support your style of music.